The Resources for American Christianity website is now being maintained as an archive of funded Lilly projects and initiatives. It will no longer be updated. However, you can find the article, interview or resource you were looking for on its active sister site, Insights Into Religion.

Grantmaking Areas

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Christian Faith & Life

  • Orienting Questions

  • How can American Christians live, preach & teach the Christian faith in an intellectually, morally & spiritually credible & compelling way?
  • How can a new generation of Christians be nurtured in such a faith?

Congregational Life & Ministry

  • Orienting Questions

  • What makes Christian congregations & parishes communities of vibrant worship & effective ministry?
  • How can more of them be such places?

Pastoral Leadership Development

  • Orienting Questions

  • How can a new generation of talented pastors be called, trained & supported in their ministries?
  • How can current pastors and leaders be strengthened in their capacities for excellence in ministry?

Supportive Religious Institutions

  • Orienting Questions

  • What organizations beyond the local congregation are essential to sustain vital Christian community & ministry?
  • How can they best be kept institutionally strong & focused on their essential mission?
  • How can they relate effectively with one another & with other institutions in the larger society?

Public Understanding of Religion

  • Orienting Questions

  • How can key cultural institutions in the U.S. help American Christians and the larger public better understand religion & the role it plays in our lives?