A New Paradigm for Values Education: Researching its Power and Promise

Kirby, Donald J. and Krystine Batcho. "A New Paradigm for Values Education: Researching its Power and Promise." In Value Development in the University Classroom, ed. D. Ross, 166-190. Taiwan: Fu Jen University Press, 1992.

Donald Kirby and Krystine Batcho discuss the genesis and development of the Values Program at Le Moyne College. The program began with several faculty members experimenting with ideas about how to improve values education at Le Moyne. Upon receiving funds from sources outside the college they developed a summer institute for faculty and administrators to discuss specific values themes that could be integrated into the curriculum and co-curriculum. The Values Program followed from this planning. The authors also describe the process of evaluating the effectiveness of the Values Program. <p>Critical to the development of the Values Program were the “grassroots” efforts of a few members of the Le Moyne faculty. Because they were acting on their own initiative and with outside funding, these professors enjoyed a creative freedom that they might not have had if the program were initiated by the college administration. Kirby and Batcho conclude by noting that a comprehensive effort to enhance values education does not guarantee moral action and social responsibility on the part of students. Motivating students to engage in the co-curricular events and in-class activities related to Values Program is another problem. Coercion could be seen as moral indoctrination, but a completely laissez-faire approach greatly reduces the rate of participation in the program. (AS)