An Analysis of Catholic Sacrificial Giving Programs in Seattle, Washington

Harris, Joseph C. "An Analysis of Catholic Sacrificial Giving Programs in Seattle, Washington." Review of Religious Research, 36, no.2 (December 1994): 230-237.

Harris divides his review of sacrificial giving in Roman Catholic parishes into two parts. First, he provides an evaluation of a sacrificial giving program in Seattle parishes by comparing a parish which was a part of the sacrificial giving program (the program group) with a parish which was not a part of the program (the control group). He concludes that over a five-year period giving in the program group increased faster than in the control group. In the second section, he analyzes an in-depth study of a single parish for one year following the beginning of a sacrificial giving program: the major finding is that giving is much higher than was projected based on past trends. Harris concludes that sacrificial giving programs have their greatest effect on people already giving at a higher than average rate. (SM)