Basic Steps Toward Community Ministry: Guidelines and Models in Action

Dudley, Carl S. Basic Steps Toward Community Ministry: Guidelines and Models in Action. Washington, DC: The Alban Institute, 1991.

Basic Steps Toward Community Ministry, by Carl Dudley, offers a set of guidelines developed with the support of the Church and Community Project to assist local congregations in planning, administering and sustaining community ministry that takes into account the congregation’s social context, its identity and heritage, and its organizational integrity. Context, identity and organization form the three areas around which the author structures the book. Along with general guidelines for building on these areas, the book also includes basic steps for launching a community ministry and provides specific examples of actual ministries chosen from the Church and Community Project. The book contains four appendices: Appendix A gives a brief description of the 38 Protestant and Catholic congregations and projects included in the book; and Appendices B, C and D include summary questions Dudley suggests church leadership can use in determining the congregation’s social context, identity and organizational structure.