Beginnings: Human and World Issues

McGuinness, Mary C., and Thomas A. Kleissler. Beginnings: Human and World Issues. Impact Series. Plainfield, NJ: RENEW International, 1996.

Beginnings: Human and World Issues introduces small Christian community members to a number of contemporary issues intended to give them an expanded appreciation of their Christian responsibility in the world. The booklet presents eight sessions on: (1) God’s love; (2) family life; (3) work/business; (4) the media; (5) hunger; (6) political responsibility; (7) contemporary life issues; and (8) ecological harmony in the world. As part of RENEW International’s Impact Series, the booklet follows the Social Inquiry Approach of “observe, judge, and act,” leading participants in a process of prayerful reflection, fruitful sharing and concrete actions.

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