Challenges and Prospects for Baptist Higher Education

Beaty, Michael, Larry Lyon, and Todd Buras. "Challenges and Prospects for Baptist Higher Education," The Southern Baptist Educator 61, no. 4 (April/May/June 1997): 3-6.

Michael Beaty, Larry Lyons, and Todd Buras argue that, contrary to conventional wisdom, religiously affiliated colleges and universities can maintain strong academic reputations while also sustaining serious religious commitments. Through a brief historical account of higher education in the early twentieth century and a case study of Baylor University, the authors show that many faculty and outside funding sources have considered religion a hinderance to serious academic work. The authors challenge this belief with empirical evidence indicating a number of schools today maintain strong academic reputations (based on the 1996 U.S. News annual rankings) while benefiting in a number of ways from their religious affiliations. These schools raise large amounts of money from religious constituents and attract solid students with strong religious beliefs. (AS)