Changing Channels: A Guide to Financing Christian Broadcast Ministries

Clark, David W. and Paul H. Virts. Changing Channels: A Guide to Financing Christian Broadcast Ministries. Milwaukee, WI: Christian Stewardship Association, 1996.

This volume, part of a series on Protestant nonprofit para-church organizations, is based on a survey sent to a sample of radio and television stations and producers of radio and television programs. The sample was developed from the mailing list of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB). A total of 110 broadcasting organizations responded to the survey, including 62 radio stations and 37 producers of radio programs. Clark and Virts, writing for practitioners, provide a broad overview of the significant fund- raising issues facing Christian radio and TV stations, program producers, and other broadcast ministries, including revenue sources and fund- raising for broadcast ministries, developing regular and special donor bases, leadership issues in Christian broadcasting organizations, and the role of volunteers in broadcasting organizations. They also address the theological foundations of religious broadcasting and ethical and legal issues in fund-raising to support religious broadcasting. (SM)