Charismatics Converge, Diverge

Blumhofer, Edith L., and Paul B. Tinlin. “Charismatics Converge, Diverge.” Christian Century (108)25:814-815, September 4-11, 1991.

Edith Blumhofer and Paul Tinlin report for the Christian Century on the week-long evangelism symposium “That the World May Believe,” an international gathering of charismatic Christians held in Brighton, England in July 1991. The article notes those in attendance (and the conspicuous names and denominations which did not attend), highlights events and personalities featured, and explains the mixed motivations of those present. Blumhofer and Tinlin evaluate the Brighton consultation as revealing the deep divisions among charismatics instead of pointing to their unity. Rather than speak of a charismatic movement, they feel it best to speak of movements which converge and diverge as they seek to address vital, authentic faith.