Choosing to Live: Financing the Future of Religious Body Headquarters

Schmidt, J. David. Choosing to Live: Financing the Future of Religious Body Headquarters. Milwaukee, WI: Christian Stewardship Association, 1996.

Part of a series on Protestant nonprofit para-church institutions, this volume focuses on national denominational headquarters. Although 220 denominations were contacted to be a part of this study, only 31 chose to participate. These 31 represent about a third of all U.S. Protestant congregations and about a third of all regular Protestant church attendees. This volume is designed for denominational leaders and Schmidt argues that there are two crucial questions all these leaders must answer: What is the future role of the denominational headquarters? and How will it be funded? Subjects Schmidt discusses include rebuilding denominational loyalty, replacing an aging donor base by developing new givers, and establishing healthy relationships with local churches and their pastors. He also addresses the necessity of adjusting to rapidly changing social and religious contexts, and developing the resources required to solve most serious system-wide fund-raising problems. (SM)