Christ Crucified: Why Does Jesus' Death Matter?

Heim, Mark S. "Christ crucified: why does Jesus' death matter?" Christian Century 188, no. 8 March 2001: 12-17.

In his article, "Christ Crucified: Why Does Jesus' Death Matter," Mark Heim reveals that church people do not know why Christ’s death is important to their faith. Heim, however, expresses the necessity and significance of Christ’s death for the Christian faith. He suggests that the Christian faith is incoherent if there is not something special about the crucifixion. Ironically, Heim notes that even though the death of Christ is integral to the Christian faith, many people stumble when it comes to explaining its meaning. In addition, Heim remarks that the Eucharist, one of several additional confusing or criticizing factors related to Christ's death, is also gravely misunderstood. Heim concludes his article by expressing the need for further dialogue about the necessity of understanding Christ's death.

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