Christian Spirituality: Themes from the Tradition

Cunningham, Lawrence and Keith Egan. Christian Spirituality: Themes from the Tradition. New York: Paulist Press, 1996.

Keith Egan was a Senior Fellow at the Lilly Fellows Program for the Humanities and Arts at Valparaiso University (1994) while working on this manuscript. The book covers major classical intellectuals within the Christian tradition. The authors intended the book to reflect on major classical themes in spirituality while providing suggested topics for continued research and study through recommended readings and exercises presented at the end of each chapter. This work is aimed at an audience interested in the historical context of Christian spirituality. The authors envision this book being used in formal and informal learning settings.
<p>The book is comprised of ten chapters: 1) Christian Spirituality, 2) Hearers and Doers of the Word, 3) The Spiritual Journey, 4) Prayer, 5) Mediation and Contemplation, 6) Asceticism, 7) Living in the Presence of God: The Ways of the Mystics, 8) Solitude in Community, 9) Friendship, 10) Eucharist: Source and Summit of the Christian Life. The authors note that their decision to end the book with a chapter on the Eucharist “symbolizes our conviction that the many aspects of the Eucharistic theology enhance the insight of Vatican II that the liturgy is the apex of Christian life.” (KH)