Christian Worship in Reformed Churches: Past and Present.

Vischer, Lukas. Christian Worship in Reformed Churches: Past and Present. Eerdmans, 2003.

The rich and multi-faceted history of, and contemporary issues related to worship in Reformed Churches form the general theme of this collection of twenty-two essays written by twenty-two scholars, church personnel, and ministers. Given the fact that worship renewal is in the agenda of many Reformed churches, as editor Lukas Vischer notes, questions arise as to how the church can faithfully worship God in the midst of rapidly changing situations? How can it constructively relate to widely differing cultural contexts? The essays in this collection address these questions. Divided into three parts, the historical aspects of Reformed worship is the topic under consideration in essays in Part I. Covering the geographical diversity across the globe, this fifteen essays describe the history of Reformed worship in Europe, United Kingdom, Asia, Africa, North America, Latin America, and the Pacific region. The essay in Part II addresses the question of commonality in the diverse adaptation of Reformed worship traditions described in Part I. Part III contains five essays explaining and addressing some of the contemporary issues in Reformed worship; these include music, Women and worship, and calendar and lectionary.