Church on Sunday, Work on Monday: The Challenge of Fusing Christian Values with Business Life

Nash, Laura, and Scotty McLennan. Church on Sunday, Work on Monday: The Challenge of Fusing Christian Values with Business Life. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2001.

In Church on Sunday, Work on Monday, Laura Nash and Scotty McLennan address the absence of religious engagement in the workplace at a time when the quest for spirituality among business professionals is on the rise. Based on interviews with Christian businesspeople and clergy, the authors’ findings reveal both the confusion business feels as to what religious faith means in the workplace, as well as the animosity—or at best, indifference—many clergy have toward the (capitalist) business world in general. Consequently, the church provides little religious support for its business professionals while businesspeople look elsewhere for spiritual direction, leaving the door wide open for the introduction of highly personal, experiential, and self-help forms of spiritual programs and techniques. The authors’ aim is to chart a new way by which Christianity may become a vital spiritual and religious force for the businessperson’s walk of faith in the workplace. <p> Divided into three sections, the book looks at the large gap that exists between the church and business, explores some of the reasons for the miscommunication and misunderstanding between the two, and offers a new integration model to facilitate effective communication and relationships, which the authors deem “the new terms of religious engagement.” Each chapter closes with a series of questions for reflection and action, and a word on the authors’ methodology—including the questionnaire used in their research—concludes the book.

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