Churches as Government Partners: Navigating 'Charitable Choice'

Sherman, Amy. "Churches as government partners: Navigating 'Charitable Choice'," Christian Century 117, no. 20 2000: 716-719, 719-721.

Amy Sherman’s article encourages churches to take part in charitable partnerships with welfare recipients. Sherman bases her proposal on Washington’s church-state collaboration designated in 1996 as a “Charitable Choice” section added to the federal welfare reform law. This section established new rules for collaboration between government and religious institutions. Sherman assesses the progress that this relationship has had thus far and notes that there have been several benefits. Sherman also addresses the Code of Conduct that defines the relationship between the government and religious institutions. Sherman concludes her article by asserting that religious institutions need to take advantage of the "Charitable Choice" program and that they need to uphold a level of integrity when they enter a church-state relationship.

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