Civic Responsibility: What’s It All About?

Jeselson, Mary Ann, and Steve Jeselson. Civic Responsibility: What’s It All About? Impact Series. Kansas City, MO: Sheed and Ward, 1996.

Civic Responsibility helps small Christian communities understand how the gospels address issues of justice, peace and hope in the world. The study’s six sessions are entitled: (1) Being A Citizen; (2) Being Well-Informed; (3) Lobbying; (4) Looking at Adult Literacy; (5) Facing Civic Challenges; and (6) Making the Difference. The booklet contains a short bibliography of pertinent resources. As part of RENEW International’s Impact Series, the booklet follows the Social Inquiry Approach of “observe, judge, and act,” leading participants in a process of prayerful reflection, fruitful sharing and concrete actions.

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