Collegium and the Intellectual's Vocation to Serve

Landy, Thomas M. “Collegium and the Intellectual’s Vocation to Serve,” Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education, no. 10 (Fall 1996): 20-29.

Thomas Landy describes his philosophy behind Collegium. The Collegium is a program that Landy designed for graduate students and young scholars teaching at Catholic colleges and universities. Landy stresses the importance of the concept of “vocation,” which assumes a connection between the world of work and one’s faith. Landy claims that teaching young faculty about vocation will better equip them to teach their students to become “whole persons.”
<p>Each year, Collegium pairs together graduate students and junior faculty from fifty Catholic colleges and universities with more experienced faculty. These experienced faculty members serve as mentors by discussing their commitment to their vocation and the integration of faith and learning. In each summer session the mentors lead small group discussions, and well-known authors address the group at large. Landy notes that two main themes emerge each year during discussions. They are language and belonging. Landy states that Catholic terminology should be used at Collegium, even if it isolates some people, in order to avoid diluting the program's purpose, and he attributes the Collegium’s success to discussions that surface participants’ fears about discussing faith and the tradition of hospitality. (LT)