Conference on Theological Education and Communications Technology, I

United Theological Seminary, "Conference on Theological Education and Communications Technology, I," November 8, 1990.

This conference gathered fourteen presenters, whose papers ranged over the history of communications and theological education in the United States. Papers on Colonial America included: "Protestantism and Capitalism: Print Culture and Individualism," by Martin E. Marty; "Puritan Preaching and Literacy: 'The Technology of the Elect,'" by Harry S. Stout; and "Puritanism and the Use of Media: A Source of Both Continuity and Change," by Charles E. Hambrick Stowe. The "Early National Period" included: "From Orality to Textuality: The Circuit Rider Dismounts and Remounts," by Gregory Schneider; "The Formation of Seminary Education: Theological and the Logical in Ministerial Training," by Glen T. Miller; and "Millennialism and the Communications Revolution," by James H. Moorehead. Papers on "Nineteenth Century America" were: "Technological Change and the Character of Community Life," by Ronald J. Zboray; "The Colporteur and the Evangelical Origins of Mass Media," by David Paul Nord; and "Enlightenment and Evangelical Eras Combined," by Mark A. Noll. The final grouping was "Contemporary Mediatized Society" and included: "Preaching Between the Ages at a Time When Electronic Media is Developing and Possibly Reforming Consciousness," by David G. Buttrick; "Oral Roberts: Media Pioneers and Mass Religious Culture," by Edwin Harrell; "The Clergy and the Image as the Primary Currency of Cultural Communication," by Leonard I. Sweet; "The Panopticon as a Model for Understanding Public and Private Communication in an Electronic Media Era," by John Staudenmaier; and "An Image Culture and New Forms of Spirituality," by Catherine L. Albanese. (KA)

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United Theological Seminary