Conference on Theological Education and Communications Technology, II

United Theological Seminary, "Conference on Theological Education and Communications Technology, II," April 29-30, 1991.

This conference focused on theological education and the media; presenters probed some of the changes and adaptations in the history of Christianity that can be correlated with changes in media. Papers presented were: "Christianity and the Communication of the Word," by Thomas Boomershine; "The Contribution of Oral Tradition to Narrative Hermeneutics," by John Miles Foley; "First Century Media World and Early Urban Christianity," by Joanna Dewey; "Christian Use of Media in the Middle Ages," by Paul Schrodt; "Hermeneutics of the Printing Press," by Bernard Brandon Scott; "Reformation, Renaissance, and Reading: Some Historical and Historiographical Reflections," by Jaroslav Pelikan; "The Media, Culture, and Religion," by Pierre Babin; and "Emergence of New Communications Consciousness in the Church," by Angela Ann Zukowski. (KA)

Host Organization : 
United Theological Seminary