Digital Storytelling in a Moderate to Progressive Youth Group

Clark, L.S. & Dierberg, J. “Digital storytelling in a moderate to progressive youth group.” Digital Religion. Edited by H. Campbell. London: Routledge, 2012.

Digital media offer new means of constructing religious identities, both as such media mediate self-representation and as they offer enhanced means of social interaction. As individuals use digital tools to produce and share religious narratives, they perform a certain form of self that is enacted in relation to others. The case study presented here explores the collective aspects of religious identity storytelling, as a group of young people who were members of a moderate-to-progressive faith community were given an opportunity to create a narrative of identity using digital storytelling. They decided upon three interrelated “stories” that characterized their youth group, selected photos, memories, and music that they believe expressed those stories, worked as a team to produce a short video, and then shared their final production with members of their congregation and communities. The resultant shared video enabled the group members to take ownership of who they believed themselves to be in the context of the local church as well as in the wider Christian community.