Dreaming Ambitious Dreams: The Values Program at Le Moyne College

Kirby, Donald J. “Dreaming Ambitious Dreams: The Values Program at Le Moyne College,” AAHE Bulletin 43, no. 6 (February 1991): 9-12.

Donald Kirby briefly describes the history and basic components of the Values Program at Le Moyne College. In the mid-1980s Kirby and a group of his colleagues created the Values Program in response to perceived student indifference to morals and ethics. The program has three components: (1) a summer institute where Le Moyne faculty formulate ideas for incorporating values into the curriculum; (2) an Academic Forum, which consists of a number of curricular and extracurricular activities designed to integrate values education across the entire college; and (3) evaluation of the Values Program in order to see what effect it has on teaching and learning at Le Moyne. Kirby concludes by noting the importance of evaluation both as a tool for allowing the Values Program to evolve and as a way of understanding how students think about morals and ethics. (AS)