Dreams Fulfilled: the Pluralism of Religious Ends

Heim, Mark S. "Dreams fulfilled: the pluralism of religious ends," Christian Century 118, no. 2 January 2001: 14-19.

In his article, "Dreams Fulfilled: the Pluralism of Religious Ends," Mark Heim questions the Christian notion and understanding of “salvation” as a "religious end." Heim proposes that there is ambiguity regarding the definition of the term "salvation." He notes that most Christians view “salvation” as a good result but that that is not necessarily so in every religion. Heim also recalls that not all religions include a salvific end but more or less a “religious end.” Heim briefly examines several major religious groups and the way they view their "religious ends." He also gives examples of cases in which religious groups overlap in their definition of a "religious end." Heim then explores the possibility of there being a religious perspective that honors the distinct testimonies of the various faith traditions regarding "religious ends" and offers a new inclusive definition of the concept. Subsequently, Heim proposes that accepting different "religious ends" allows for mutual recognition of substantive truth in other religious traditions. Heim quotes Ghandi in support of his conclusion, noting that “religions are different roads converging to the same point.”

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