Driving Global Warming: the Machines for Burning Gasoline

McKibben, Bill. "Driving global warming: the machines for burning gasoline," Christian Century 118, no. 16 May 2001: 5-7.

In his article, Bill McKibben asserts that Christians should be more responsible for taking action against the rise of global warming. McKibben reminds the reader that the International Panel on Climate Change announced the consensus of the world’s leading experts that if we keep burning fossil fuels at anything like our present rate, the planet will warm four or five degrees, and perhaps as much as eleven degrees, before the century is out. McKibben proposes that one way Christians can be more responsible is by driving fuel efficient vehicles. He suggests that by driving SUV’s, Christians are driving global warming. McKibben notes that global warming is a state that is already affecting people across the world, especially those in rural areas. He proposes that it is the Christians duty to do everything in their power to slow the rate at which the planet warms.

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