Editorial Introduction: Criteria for Excellence in Theological Faculties

Gilpin, W. Clark, "Editorial Introduction: Criteria for Excellence in Theological Faculties," Theological Education 26 (Spring, 1990): 7-10.

Clark Gilpin summarizes the subjects discussed during a 1989
seminar with fifty-five scholars in New Harmony, Indiana. The
seminar was organized by the Issues Research Advisory
Committee of the Association of Theological Schools. <p>Gilpin
also provides a focused introduction to six papers presented
at the seminar and published in the Spring, 1990 issue of the
journal, Theological Education. All of the papers deal with
how to define excellence in theological schools given the
responsibilities and roles these institutions have vis-a-vis
the church, the university and the wider public. <p>Specific
topics addressed by the papers include how excellence in
theological education is affected by (1) diversity in the
faculty, (2) a faculty's views on the character and purposes
of theological education, (3) critical judgements that a
faculty must make concerning the central questions for society
that theological education should address and (4) the role of
imagination in theological scholarship in a period when values
and norms are in crisis.