Faith and Money: A Bibliography

Lynn, Robert Wood. "Faith and Money: A Bibliography." Unpublished manuscript. 1994.

The bibliography ranges widely over the literature about the relationship between faith and money. The entries, numbering approximately 780, are not annotated but are grouped in chronological and topical categories, including selected resources in biblical and church history, the 17th and 18th century colonial context, ante-bellum America (1800 - 1840), the middle decades (1840-1870), the Gilded Age (1870 - 1890), and the Social Gospel period (1890s and 1900s). Lynn's categories also include the birth of stewardship (1900 - 1919), the time between the wars (1919 - 1945), stewardship developments since World War II, and contemporary abundance and televangelists. He concludes with a section focused on issues "beyond stewardship."(SM)