For the Record: Women Pastoral Administrators, Reflections from Interviews

Wallace, Ruth. "For the Record: Women Pastoral Administrators, Reflections from Interviews." Church 7, no. 3 (Fall 1991): 43-48.

Wallace describes the study of twenty priestless parishes she conducted in 1989. Based upon her study, she identifies four issues in need of further reflection and discussion. These include the fact that female parish administrators are becoming well-accepted, they often wish to be included in sacramental rites, they are educated but inexperienced, and they have often succeeded in raising parishioners sense of financial responsibility for their parishes. She then presents eight recommendations for increasing the support available to women who administer parishes. These include the introduction of the administrator to the parish by the bishop, the inclusion of parishioners in the recruitment process, consideration of the possibility of selecting a lay leader who is known in the parish, advertising available positions, conducting an installation ceremony, holding periodic meetings between the bishops and the parish, ensuring that the priest who serves as the sacramental minister is supportive of the pastoral administrator, and providing new administrators with priests who can serve as mentors.