Gathering the Seekers

Newby, James R. Gathering the Seekers. New York: The Alban Institute, 1995.

The N.E.T. (Nurturing Experience Theologically) program is an adult education program suitable for use with members of a congregation who are already actively involved in church life, and searching for deeper and more sustained reflection on that involvement. It is structured over a nine-month time span (similar to an academic year), and involves small group encounters at regular intervals, and significant amounts of individual reflection in between group meetings. "Gathering the Seekers" is a leader's guide to the program, and suggests resources and background readings that are appropriate for those implementing the program. It also explains and illustrates (using examples) what the N.E.T. process means by a spiritual autobiography and a ministry experience report. The N.E.T. program is currently in use in several locations around the country, and publishes an intermittent newsletter. Newby has made himself available to do training and consultations with groups who are interested in implementing the program locally. (MH)