God's Fierce Whimsey: Christian Feminism and Theological Education

Cannon, Katie G. et al. (The Mudflower Collective). God's Fierce Whimsey: Christian Feminism and Theological Education. New York: Pilgrim Press, 1985.

This collective of seven feminist theologians offers stories and reflections about their individual and communal work grounded in commitment to the well-being of all women and justice for the entire creation. They advocate, and attempt to model in the work of the collective, a praxis-based theological education which is attentive to accountability, collaboration, lives-in- relation, diversity of cultures, and shared commitment. As women from different racial/ethnic groups, faith traditions, class backgrounds and sexualities, they explore the tensions among themselves as well as the struggles they experience within racist, sexist, classist, heterosexist academic and ecclesiastical institutions. They articulate a vision of feminist theology as not only different ideas but most vitally as a fresh way of living and breathing based on inclusivity and vibrant imaging. They also offer a dialogue on sexuality which focuses on fears of lesbianism and women's sexuality in general. (RG)