Guadalupan Devotion in a Borderlands Community

Matovina, Timothy M. “Guadalupan Devotion in a Borderlands Community.” Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology. 4, no. 1(1996):6-26.

Timothy Matovina investigates how the San Fernando Cathedral’s Guadalupe celebrations have functioned as “expressions of unity, ethnic legitimation, national identity, and resistance to assimilation and prejudice” for the Tejano and Mexican populations in the face of demographic, political, economic and social changes endured by the city of San Antonio, Texas for nearly three hundred years. Guadalupan ritual dates to the beginnings of San Fernando as a parish church in the 18th century. Through the centuries with the rise and fall of Tejano influence and control, Our Lady of Guadalupe celebrations have served as an enduring and public symbol of community identity, racial dignity and religious ethos.