Helping the Hurting: A Guide to Financing Christian Social Service Ministries

Robertson, Sara Anne. Helping the Hurting: A Guide to Financing Christian Social Service Ministries. Milwaukee, WI: Christian Stewardship Association, 1996.

This booklet is part of a series on Protestant nonprofit para-church institutions, and is based on a survey of a random sample of 158 social service agencies, drawn primarily from a list provided by the National Association of Evangelicals. Most of these agencies are small organizations, primarily crisis pregnancy centers. The survey data reveal that: 1) Most directors have a short tenure in their position with the organization, with no prior fund-raising experience; 2) Donor mailing lists are small and few major gifts have ever been received; 3) Boards have little involvement in fund-raising and little attention is paid to developing planned giving programs. The booklet is directed to practitioners, intending to offer useful information to executives, staff, board members, and key volunteers involved in raising funds for Christian social service agencies. Among the questions it attempts to address are the following: 1) What fund-raising methods are successful for small Christian social service agencies and which are not? 2) What ethical dilemmas do Christian fundraisers face? 3) What future trends will impact these Christian ministries and their support? (SM)