Information and Issues Surrounding Faith-Based Social Services

American Academy of Religion Journalism Workshop. “Information and Issues Surrounding Faith-Based Social Services.” [Toronto, Canada.] October 25, 1999.

This Congregations, Communities and Leadership Development Project (CCLD) presentation overviews journalistic coverage of faith-based social services, the state of faith-based services, the four types of such services, and the role of evangelism and spiritual nurture in faith-based services. Journalistic news articles demonstrate the extent to which Charitable Choice and faith-based organizations (FBO) are affecting the political, social and religious landscape. Following John DiIulio’s model, CCLD presenters note that understanding the state of faith-based social services requires investigating their extent, efficacy, capacity and replicability. <p> CCLD research distinguishes four types of social services providers according to their religious nature: (1) secular providers; (2) religiously affiliated providers; (3) exclusively faith-based providers; and (4) holistic faith-based providers. It is important to note that Charitable Choice does not prohibit faith-based organizations from providing worship, proselytism or religious instruction connected with their social service programs provided that federal funds do not pay for them and that participation in such activities is strictly voluntary. The presentation ends with four implications/recommendations for faith-based, holistic social ministry.