Inside Outreach: A Guide to Financing Christian Outreach Ministries

McCabe, Tom and Bruce Campbell. Inside Outreach: A Guide to Financing Christian Outreach Ministries. Milwaukee, WI: Christian Stewardship Association, 1996.

Part of a series produced by the Christian Stewardship Association on Protestant nonprofit para-church organizations, this booklet is written by two professionals in marketing and fund- raising. Their findings and conclusions are based on responses to a survey of 116 Protestant outreach organizations. McCabe and Campbell provide information for professionals in the religious nonprofit sector who want to construct solid financial foundations for outreach ministries. Sections include: building a solid development program, finding donors and keeping them, using feedback in fund- raising, and cultivating major donors. Other topics are obtaining funding from foundations, engaging an organization's board in the development process, and understanding the ministry of fund-raising. (SM)