Invitational Ministry Handbook

Invitational Ministry Handbook. RENEW 2000 and Beyond. New York: Paulist Press, 1997.

Invitational Ministry Handbook provides training and formation sessions for the Invitational Ministry Team, as well as for those whom the Team recruits and prepares to make visits and telephone calls. Invitational Ministry, a key component of RENEW 2000 and Beyond, reaches out both to those who have never heard the gospel and to those parishioners who are alienated or “inactive” in church life. The book contains instruction for the Invitational Ministry Team in preparing for the training sessions, sample initial training sessions for the home and phone callers, and other information to carry out the Ministry. The vision of Invitational Ministry is to invite others to experience the welcome and trust of small Christian communities in which they may share “God’s wonderful revelation in Jesus Christ.”

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