ISACC: Integrating Student Affairs Practice and Catholic Identity

Estanek, Sandra and Martin Larrey. "ISACC: Integrating Student Affairs Practice and Catholic Identity," Current Issues in Catholic Education 18, no. 2 (Spring 1998): 51-63.

Sandra Estanek and Martin Larrey describe the origins of the Institute for Student Affairs Professionals at Catholic Colleges (ISACC), the diversity of its participants, the institutions represented, the institute's main features and the evaluation of the project. The authors note the importance of discussions of Catholic identity on campuses of Catholic higher education and that student affairs officers have a significant role to play in such conversations. They caution that such discussions must be conducted in a hospitable environment where unity rather than division is emphasized among all employees. The article concludes with an account of the personal transformations that many participants experience at ISACC. (LT)