Just Generosity

Sider, Ronald J. “Just Generosity.” Unpublished manuscript presented at the plenary session of the Christian Community Development Association, Chicago, Illinois, November 17, 1999.

Ron Sider's presentation before the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) addresses the role faith-based organizations must play in partnership with non-religious organizations to combat America’s social ills. The failure of past solutions has forced secular foundations, the media and government policymakers to recognize faith-based organizations as viable and successful social providers. Sider believes that if organizations like the CCDA remain faithful to their holistic vision, Christians can change the nation in a couple of decades. <p> Sider warns that FBOs must avoid two mistakes: (1) allowing partnerships to weaken the role spiritual conversion plays in faith-based programs; and (2) believing the illusion that religious programs can replace government support for the poor. CCDA serves on the cutting edge of American social policy today. To seize the opportunity, Sider calls for three things: (1) the multiplication of CCDA-type ministries across the country; (2) suburban-urban partnerships focused on inner-city needs; and (3) scholars, public policy experts and politicians dedicated to leading a new holistic movement of social change on behalf of the poor.