Leadership Book

Leadership Book. RENEW 2000 and Beyond. New York: Paulist Press, 1997.

Leadership Book provides essential information for implementing RENEW 2000 within the parish. The book describes RENEW 2000 as: a pastoral response to Pope John Paul II’s challenge to the church in As the Third Millennium Draws Near; a process of building upon and strengthening small Christian communities; a focus upon the spiritual life and growth of young adults and families; a call to work for justice and peace; an attempt to aid people to encounter the holy; a style of parish life that leads to rediscovering Jesus through small Christian communities; and a gateway to discover the riches of the Christian life. This book contains: (1) information on the basics of RENEW 2000; (2) how it can be implemented in the parish; (3) an overview of the training and formation sessions; (4) teaching on the ministry of leadership; (5) the responsibilities of each ministry involved in the process; and (6) timelines for each ministry.

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