Leadership That Matters

Robinson, Anthony B. "Leadership that matters," Christian Century 166, December 1999: 1228-1231.

In his article, "Leadership That Matters," Anthony B. Robinson asserts that the church has kept silent about leadership, that it does not discuss leadership, and that it has failed to address leadership problems. Furthermore, he proposes that churches do not take a high view of leadership. As a solution to this problem, Robinson reflects on three books that suggest different aspects of effective leadership. (1) Robinson examines James MacGregor Burns’ 1978 study, “Leadership,” and compares his models to the apostle Paul. (2) Robinson examines Edwin H. Friedman’s book “Generation to Generation: Family Process in Church and Synagogue.” Robinson compares Friedman’s view of leadership to Matthew and Luke. (3) And finally, Robinson examines Ronald Heifetz's book, “Leadership Without Easy Answers” and compares his leadership method to Moses.

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