Love Abides: The Posture of Faithfulness

Meilaender, Gilbert. "Love abides: The posture of faithfulness," Christian Century 117, no. 27 October 2000: 990-991.

In his article, “Love abides,” Gilbert Meilaender re-examines the meaning of marital love. Meilaender focuses on the concept of love drawn from Søren Kierkegaard's book entitled “Works of Love.” Meilaender notes that Kierkegaard refers to marital love as "love abides." He suggests that churches need to remind themselves of what marriage actually means and to recognize that the phrase, "love abides," means to promise to be faithful to someone who may keep changing. Meilaender proposes that a practical example of expressing this type of love is by implementing the phrase, “I will,” as a part of a wedding vow instead of “I do.” Meilaender concludes his article by proposing that marriage exists not to make us happy but to make us holy.

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