Making God Visible: Parenting Young Children

Chesto, Kathleen O’Connell. Making God Visible: Parenting Young Children. Impact Series. Ligouri, MO: Ligouri, 2001.

Making God Visible guides members of small Christian communities to explore the meaning of parenting according to the Christian faith in a society at odds with the gospel’s values of peace and simplicity. The six sessions of the study look at the themes of parenting as a religious vocation; materialism and consumerism; violence and nonviolent living; rules and discipline; forgiveness in the family; and the role of traditions, rituals and prayer in family life. As part of RENEW International’s Impact Series, the booklet follows the Social Inquiry Approach of “observe, judge, and act,” leading participants in a process of prayerful reflection, fruitful sharing and concrete actions.

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