Mission Handbook

Mission Handbook. RENEW 2000 and Beyond. New York: Paulist Press, 1997.

Mission Handbook contains six sessions designed to aid the Mission 2000 Team in its preparation for and implementation of Mission 2000. As described in the book, Mission 2000 is a parish-wide event over four consecutive nights that “sets the stage for RENEW 2000 by creating an environment of prayer, reflection and sharing.” The special emphases of Mission 2000 are searching for meaning in life, rediscovering God, creating strong families and supportive relationships, “passing on” the faith to the next generation, and the importance of small Christian communities for living the faith in the 21st century. The book’s six sessions, all centered around “Prayer and Faith Sharing,” are dedicated to: (1) listening; (2) a relationship with Jesus; (3) sharing a common mission; (4) offering mutual support; (5) learning together; and (6) being a Christian community. The third through the sixth sessions specifically guide the Mission Team in preparing for the Mission 2000 event. The book closes with two appendices, the first on the content for the Mission 2000 presentations, and the second on publicizing the Mission 2000 event.

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