Moments of Transformation: The Process of Teaching and Learning

Soleau, Jeffrey. “Moments of Transformation: The Process of Teaching and Learning,” Journal of the Academy of American Religion 65, no.4 (Winter 1997): 809-829.

This article opens with an account of a situation in which Jeffrey Soleau found his personal beliefs questioned by some of his students. The scenario serves as a departure from which he discusses his role as a professor of religious studies at a private two-year college. Soleau considers his profession a “vocation of transformation” because he takes responsibility for teaching his students how to think reflectively. He believes that the content of religious studies motivates students to explore questions of ultimate significance.
<p>Soleau also considers the theoretical constructs that influence his teaching methods. These include, among others, Heidegger’s theme of ontological significance, Abraham Maslow’s dialogue on the psychological tension faced by students, and Carl Jung’s philosophy on learning as lifelong journey. At the core of Soleau's teaching is the understanding that his work with students will help prepare them to become “thoughtful, engaged and active members of society.” (KH)