Practicing Theology with Youth: An Edited Collection of Essays

Richter, Don C., ed. Practicing Theology with Youth: An Edited Collection of Essays. Unpublished manuscript, 1996.

The materials collected here were created as a resource for a consultation on the practice of theology with youth, under the auspices of the Youth Theology Institute at Emory University. Organized around key presentations, the essays and reflections cover a wide range of pedagogical issues. Key essays included are: "New Possibilities in Interreligious Relations," by M. Thomas Thangaraj; "Attuning to the Holiness in Youth: A Liberation Pedagogy with Adolescents," by David F. White; "The Ethics of Ambition," by Brian James Mahan; and "Forming Community/Doing Theology with Youth: A Site for an Emergent Theolocus," by Gilbert I. Bond. These reflections all pertain to the central goals of the Youth Theology Institute, presented in prefatory materials as the following: 1. Youth are affirmed in asking tough theological questions within the church; 2. Youth are guided in exploring quality theological literature; 3. Youth learn specific skills for how to read and interpret the Bible; 4. Youth learn how to engage, analyze, and address public issues from a Christian theological perspective; 5. Youth join adult participants in shaping and being accountable to a residential covenant community; 6. Youth experience a variety of ways to worship together as an ecumenical group.