Radical, orthodox: Recovering theology's voice

Malcolm, Lois. "Radical, orthodox: Recovering theology's voice," Christian Century 117, no. 29 October 2000: 1074-1079.

Lois Malcom’s article addresses the theology of John Milbank. Malcom relies on three of Milbank’s major works including, "Theology and Social Theory," "The Word Made Strange," and "Radical Orthodoxy." According to Malcom, Milbank offers an alternative theological vision to modern theologies which have emphasized God’s truth and justice. Malcom proposes that Milbank jolts mainstream theology out of complacency by suggesting that it has been neither robustly Christian nor rigorously intellectual in its engagement with modernity. Despite Malcom's seeming approval of Milbank's theology, she suggests that Milbank’s high ecclesiology would be much stronger if accompanied by an even bolder depiction of Christ’s and the Spirit’s work within and at times against Christian communities. And finally Malcom concludes her evaluation of Milbank by suggesting that he is not the answer to modernities querries but that his work is a stepping stone to recovering theology’s voice.

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