Reading the Bible in Faith: Theological Voices from the Pastorate

Lazareth, William H., ed. Reading the Bible in Faith: Theological Voices from the Pastorate. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2001.

Lazareth compiled excerpts of essays pastor-theologians had written that centered on two themes: first, the hermeneutical challenges regarding the authority of scripture, and second, the identity of the church. In the first half, essays engaged three topical areas: scripture itself, the passion narrative of Matthew, and the binding of Isaac in Genesis. They explored in what sense scripture is authoritative, the dialogue between the theological world and the intellectual world, the biblical text and history, and how the dialogue between testaments should be handled. In the second half, pastor-theologians tackled issues regarding Trinitarian doctrine, worship (Jesus’ presence, adoration and proclamation in the church, how to read scripture, and the implementation of Lenten readings), and Christian proclamation (namely Christ, the trinity, authority and diversity in interpretation, the cross, preaching and the communion of saints).(MG)