Religious Traditions in Conversation

Boys, Mary C. and Sara S. Lee, eds. "Religious Traditions in Conversation," Religious Education (special issue) 91, no. 4 (Fall 1996): 415-621.

A special issue of the journal Religious Education was devoted to the Catholic-Jewish Colloquium. Articles related to its work included: H.A. Alexander, "Editorial"; Mary C. Boys and Sara S. Lee, "Introduction"; Mary C. Boys and Sara S. Lee, "The Catholic-Jewish colloquium: An experiment in interreligious learning"; Julie A. Collins, "Can I not do to you as this potter has done? Interreligious learning and the transformation of religious identity"; Diaz-Stevens, Ana Maria,"Ethnoreligious identity as locus for dialogue between Puerto Rican Catholics and American Jews"; David Ellenson, "Interreligious learning and the formation of Jewish religious identity"; Edward L. Queen II, "The formation and reformation of religious identity"; Robert E. Tornberg, "On finding more pieces to the puzzle"; Joanne Chafe, "Colloquium participants speak"; Phillip Cunningham, "New stories for a new relationship"; Shira Lander and Daniel Lehmann, "New wine for new wineskins"; Christopher M. Leighton, "Contending with a polemical tradition: The rhetorical art of Christian self- definition"; Sandra Lubarsky, "Dialogue: 'Holy Insecurity'"; John Merkle, "Bound together in God"; Cynthia Reich, "On pluralism and religious education: How Jesus changed the life of Jewish educator"; Barbara Veale Smith, "Encountering the Other and deepening in faith," pp. 562-567. Shulamith Reich Elster, "Learning with 'the Other': New perspectives on distinctiveness"; Barry W. Holtz, "How do adults learn? The Catholic-Jewish colloquium and the possibilities for personal transformation"; Dwayne Huebner, "Education foundations for dialogue"; Addie Lorraine Walker, "Dialogue as a strategy for transformative education"; Mary C. Boys and Barbara Veale Smith, "Annotated bibliography on Jewish- Christian relations." (MH)