Restless Gods: The Renaissance of Religion in Canada

Bibby, Reginald. Restless Gods: The Renaissance of Religion in Canada. Toronto: Stoddart, 2002.

In his book, “Restless Gods: The Renaissance of Religion in Canada,” Reginald Bibby makes extensive use of valuable new information from two adult surveys, one carried out in 1995, and especially the one conducted in 2000, along with the latest youth survey, also completed in 2000. Bibby looks at the state of organized religion in Canada, while also giving considerable attention to religion and spirituality in the lives of Canadians beyond their involvement in religious groups. He also attempts to go beyond simply providing descriptive trend data and makes extensive use of a theoretical framework that builds upon the work of sociologist Rodney Stark. Stark's research provides information concerning what is taking place now in Canada, what happened in Canada's recent past, and what can be expected to happen in Canada's foreseeable future. Bibby’s findings point to a religious and spiritual renaissance in Canada-new life being added to old life.

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