Roman Catholics at Non- Catholic, University-Related Divinity Schools and Theologates

Charles, Henry J. "Roman Catholics at Non- Catholic, University-Related Divinity Schools and Theologates." Horizons, 20 (Fall 1993): 311-323.

The Catholic Task Force at Yale University Divinity School studied the attitudes and experiences of Catholics who received theological training at non-Catholic, ecumenical divinity schools. Survey respondents generally stressed the reputation these schools have for breadth and academic freedom, and women especially appreciated their broad theological perspectives and support for women. Charles also found that Catholics attending the schools exhibit a serious commitment to service in the church and in the world, are motivated by values outside conventional status and material rewards, and possess a strong sense of religious identity. Despite fears of a weakening "Catholic identity" among students attending these schools, they retain a conscious Catholic identity; however, they are aware that their doctrinal knowledge is less detailed than if they had attended a Catholic seminary. The Catholic presence at ecumenical divinity schools poses important questions. How prepared are these schools to meet the needs of Catholic students for education in doctrine and spiritual formation? More important, perhaps, is how the church will respond to these students.