Send a Christian to Camp

Charry, Ellen. "Send a Christian to camp," Christian Century 116, July 1999: 708-710.

Ellen Charry proposes that children in today’s culture need the power of God, the armor of Christ, and the knowledge that their bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. Charry offers a suggestion for intentional Christian formation based on a model borrowed from the Jewish community. Charry reviews a children's religious camp designed by by Mordecai Kaplan of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. The intent of the Jewish camp was to offer the usual sports, crafts and outdoor activities, but to also provide intensive education and formation in Jewish life. Ellen Charry proposes to adopt the method and style that Mordecai Kaplan implemented into Christian life. Charry gives several benefits that a Christian camp, such as the Jewish camp, would provide and suggests items that the camp could address in their educational program. Finally, Charry concludes that the task of such a camp would be nothing less than leading children to God through the texts, music, and art.

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