Senior Professors Can Open the Doors for Young Ph.D’s

Showalter, Shirley. “Senior Professors Can Open the Doors for Young Ph.D’s,” Chronicle of Higher Education 40, no.49 (August 10, 1994): B1.

Shirley Showalter wrote a major opinion piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education in which she discussed low morale amongst current doctoral candidates who lack mentors in a tight job market. Showalter describes her recent experiences as a Senior Fellow in the Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts at Valparaiso University where she served as a mentor to the six postdoctoral Fellows who had been granted admission to the program. In addition to serving as a mentor, Showalter also used her time at Valparaiso to conduct research into ways that she could connect her discipline, American Studies, to a wide variety of audiences. She argues for the extension and adaptation of features of the Lilly Fellows Program (especially the Senior Fellow position) on all campuses in order to address some of the most pressing problems facing American higher education today. (KH)