Show Me the Money: Funding the Reformed Church in America

Nemeth, Roger J. and Donald A. Luidens. "Show Me the Money: Funding the Reformed Church in America," The Reformed Review 53, no. 1 Autumn 1999: 5-35.

In "Show Me the Money," Roger Nemeth and Donald Luidens suggest that there is a problem with the allocation of church givings in the Reformed Church in America (RCA). With the aid of several graphs and charts, Nemeth and Luidens note that giving in the RCA has steadily risen since the 1850s. However, Nemeth and Luidens also note that churches have felt a financial squeeze. The authors speculate that the church squeeze is due to the choices that are made at the congregational level concerning where the money should be allocated. Nemeth and Luidens conclude their article by noting that the RCA has been, and continues to be, most strongly supported by its midsized churches.

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