Significant Research: When Information Has Impact

Dudley, Carl S. “Significant Research: When Information Has Impact.” Review of Religious Research 40(4):293-306, June 1999.

In his 1998 Presidential Lecture before a joint meeting of the Religious Research Association (RRA) and the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (SSSR), Carl Dudley addresses the challenge of research dissemination for the sociology of religion. Dudley’s view of “significant” research is that which produces information that improves people’s lives. Researchers should build intentional models of dissemination that include research partners beyond their immediate professional peers. Dudley outlines five sources of partners for research dissemination: (1) professional sources from other social sciences; (2) client collaboration; (3) a combination of professional networks and client participants to produce practical applications of previous research; (4) Change Agent strategies; and (5) crisis coalitions. He encourages continued dialogue between RRA and SSSR in the area of research dissemination.